Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Believe it or not, this is the very first vacation as a family of four that we have ever taken! Granted Oliver is only almost two, but still.

First of all, let me say that I am so impressed with my kids, they did SO well on the car ride! Oliver cried a few times from being so tired but other than that, and on the way back, they were so freaking good!

We decided on San Diego because we wanted a beach and also a place to take the kids for some fun. Definitely not Disney right now, somewhere smaller, where our boys could run around while still leaving us some of our energy. Plus, San Diego is so beautiful!

We obviously decided on the beach first, Jack and I knew the kids would love it and us as well. We went to Coronado beach. I hadn't been to one in a long time, probably since High School, it was as beautiful as I remember it. A vast blue ocean and my feet in the sand. We had been dreaming of this vacation! It was much needed with the busyness of life, parenthood and work. We needed it as much as the kids did. La Jolla beach is also stunning! To us, Coronado was a little more family friendly and easily accessible.

I can honestly say that this was the most amazing and relaxing vacation ever, and the first one of many! The beach is my favorite place to visit, but I really could not live there! ALL.THE.SAND is insane. So much of it, everywhere! I was somehow still vacuuming it off our floors at home. It doesn't take from the fact that it was so beautiful. The sound of the waves is one of the most relaxing sounds I have ever heard, everything is at peace when the waves crash on the shore. 

Legoland was also really cool. Perfect for little kids with so many rides for them, we were sent tickets from them for all three parks (so generous, thank you Legoland!) and were able to go to SeaLife and the actual park, we didn't make it to the water park but the kids did have fun in a little splash pad as it was so hot that day. Stay tuned for a Legoland post!

The marina was so pretty and seeing all those huge ships including the Star Of India was on my list of to do things. We walked a lot and our legs hurts, but headed to the beach right after for some comfort. We got to see downtown and I think that was my favorite part aside from the beach.

I also reaaaally wanted to visit some good eating spots, but after a long day of fun and tired kids, room service seemed way more appealing. Next time San Diego, next time. 

If you want to visit, I recommend having Waze with you at all times. It's the best app for navigating through a big city! Maybe that's more advice for me and those like me who live in smaller cities traveling to bigger ones, BUT it's really great for finding places. There's SO much to do and see but we wanted to keep it simple for the kids and just do a few things on this trip. There's always next time. 

I believe pictures say more than words, without further ado, here's a little picture dump for ya. ;) 

P.S. You'll see Elliot in a Captain America mask, there was a little shop selling them on the marina and he couldn't resist.

Till next time San Diego!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods. All opinions are truly my own.

Ever since Jack and I met, we always make each other's Valentine's Day cards. It's a little tradition we started ten years ago. His are usually better than mine since he's so creative! I have kept most of them and I'm trying to find a way to display them.

This year, I wanted to go above and beyond for him. He's been amazing with everything. I joined a program at work that will have me traveling six times this year which means he takes care of our kids without any help and he's happy to do it. He does so much around the house and I just really wanted to change it up this year.

He has been talking about wanting a bar cart for our home for a while now and I thought YES! that's the perfect gift for Valentine's Day this year. The actual cart will have to wait but I got a lot of pretty cool stuff for it.

Uncommon Goods offers a huge array of products for every single taste and every single person in your life. Your husband, wife, your kids or friends, especially for this special day! Also, Sunny is here to help you narrow down your options, this is so helpful if you're like me, and have no idea what to give someone, but you know some of the things they like.

BUT, besides all the really cool products they have and the amount of hours you'll spend browsing even with the help of Sunny, I love what this company is about. Sustainability is their mission, and selling products that are environmentally friendly is important to them, and it's definitely important to me. They offer creative products from artists and small manufacturers, you'll see that when you explore their site.

If you already have your Valentine's gift, you can shop for birthdays, anniversaries, even those people in your life whom you never know what to gift. There's something for everyone. :)

Jack is a beer lover, ideas for the bar cart were easy to come up. I searched for beer cart and found some pretty cool and unique items. Give me all the beer stuff! He loved everything and he already wants to start adding to it. I had to add these soap stone shot glasses. The vinyl coasters are probably my favorite thing ever, Jack loves records and record players, this was so perfect for him! The Texas beer cap holder is so freaking cool too. Now we need to get a bar cart!

Thank you Uncommon Goods for sponsoring this post!

Monday, January 22, 2018


As I typed in the title, it's crazy to think that Elliot is five years old. He's in Pre-K right now and only attends for three hours a day, but soon he will be in Kinder all day. That just blows my mind.

We asked him what he wanted to do this year and what the theme for his party should be, and he immediately said pirates. Perfect! He also said he wanted to go to Peter Piper Pizza and to be honest, I was so glad! I didn't have to worry about the food this time, or the entertainment. We invited just the family to celebrate and Elliot truly had the best time with his cousins. I did want more quality time with him and the family, we went back to our house to have cake and ice cream. This gave everyone the chance to talk and play and indulge in some Mexican candy!

Elliot is the most caring and loving boy. He worries so much about his feelings and those of others. If someone isn't happy, he makes sure to say the right thing to them to try to cheer them up. If Jack or I get mad at him, he says "don't be mad at me!" He will say "mama!" when I scold him and he will smile the biggest smile to make up with me. How can I say no to that! He's growing into an amazing little boy. The things he does and says everyday amaze us. He's so so smart and the most rational kid. He's just like his mama, if something doesn't make sense, he questions it till he finds out why. He needs to know the reason for things that happen, and asks a million questions about everything. I love that about him.

He hugs his brother and tells him he loves him constantly. From everything he does or says, this warms and melts my heart the most. I am so happy that he loves his brother unconditionally, I tell him that he always has to take care of him. He's the best big brother. Watching their relationship is beautiful! We love him so much!

If you need sources for anything seen, please let me know!


I am about three months late on this post, but here it is. My one year old's birthday party. We kept it to just family, as we wanted to do something super simple for him but still fun and cute. I have ALWAYS wanted to do a circus/clown party and this was the perfect opportunity since he still can't pick what he likes. ;)

I love how everything turned out and I think my favorite thing about it all was the cake!

Prepare for a photo dump of his little party. If you need sources for anything seen on here please let me know!

This little boy will eat everything and anything you put in front of him, including non-edibles, Jack and I have to be so careful and always make sure the floors are clean. We had to take his smash cake away from him, he would have probably finished it. He's so smart, when he sees that something is trash, like a big piece of paper, he's starting to throw stuff in the garbage. At almost sixteen months, he says so many words and is the funniest little boy. His big brother is the only one who can make him laugh so hard that he spits his food out.

He loves so hard especially his big brother, but will come up to Jack and I and hug us and give us his big slobbery kisses. We love this baby boy so much!

Thank you for reading!
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