Thursday, May 28, 2015

Life Lately

My coffee is super strong and good this morning so I decided I had enough energy to write a post. It's been a while (I say that every single time), but I'm here!

My last post was Easter so I'll kind of recap what's been going on since then.


Elliot is almost two and a half! Finally and slowly coming out of the terrible twos. Thank God. He still has the occasional tantrum and the strong mindedness will never go away I don't think, but Jack and I think that the worst has passed. Since he is talking more now, so much more, he can tell us what he wants, what he doesn't want (and makes it very clear), what he needs, etc. It's the best to finally be able to fully understand your child! It makes life probably a million times easier. Don't you agree? Before it was a contest between Jack and I to see who could figure out what Elliot was trying to say and it seemed like it was Elliot's challenge to make it more difficult for us. :)

It's amazing how now I can tell him why he can't have something like "Elliot you can't have hot sauce in your food, that's mama's and it's really hot" and he will answer, "Mama's? Elliot no?" The sweetest thing. Or he will say "mama I want candy" (M&M's are his absolute favorite and the only candy he's allowed to eat) at seven thirty in the morning and I'll say "You have to eat food first" and all he says now is "okay" in the sweetest little voice. Like I said, of course there's still the occasional tantrum that will have Jack and I wanting to pull our hair out but it has definitely been so much better.

The messes are still the same and his name is still Elliot "The Tornado" but he now cleans up while singing the clean up song. Most of the time.

We haven't potty trained yet. I really wanted to do this when Elliot was a few months younger but it didn't happen and I'm not going to be hard on myself about it. Such is life and it's not the end of the world. We had it planned for this past weekend but Elliot had what seemed like a mild stomach bug and that would've been a shit fest. Not pretty on carpet. We know he is definitely ready though! He has his own potty and his potty seat, we still don't know which one he prefers but I hope it's the seat because who wants to have to dump the contents of his potty in the toilet?

Jack and I.

If you follow me in Instagram, you know that I have been doing Crossfit for about three months now. I'm going to tell you right now, it is LIFE CHANGING. I wish I would have discovered it sooner. I invited my friend (and mama of Elliot's daycare friend) and her husband over to our house for Elliot's second birthday party and they were talking about their gym. She told me I should try it and let me attend a few classes to see if I liked it. I almost puked on the first class and the first thing her and her husband told me was that it doesn't get any easier, you just get better. I was hooked. I love it. I truly do. Out of everything I have ever done (and said I loved) this is the first time I feel stronger, healthier, better. I love the workouts and although I'm always the last one to finish, I get so much encouragement from the rest of the team to get me to finish. It is the best. I get a little better everyday! I did hurt my knee and I'm taking this week off to let it heal but there's no way I'm giving up. My friend is also always texting me to make sure I'm not going to miss a class and will ask me why I missed it if I do. I need that!

Jack has been so awesome with me on all of this. I usually get home at almost five and he gets home at about four thirty. My class is at five thirty. By the time I get home he already has dinner underway and all I have to do is change into my workout clothes and be on my way. He takes care of the cooking, cleaning AND Elliot. I feel so guilty but he's doing this for me because he knows I need this. I love that he's willing to take on that role while I get in that hour to work out. He doesn't get to work out until late and he doesn't mind and is usually exhausted by the time he's in bed. He's a great man!

We are eating a lot healthier. We always eat healthy but we started a round of Whole30. He is doing this with me in support and I love him for that! It's so incredible to see how even if you think you're eating healthy, all the sugars and carbs that we consume are ridiculous. It's something we are changing even without doing Whole30. It's teaching us to cut unnecessary foods from our diets.

That's what we've been up to so far along with work and a thousand other things. Life is good right now. So good.

I'll leave you with this silly boy.

Have a great Thursday!

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