Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spring Rolls.

Yum. I want more already.

There isn't necessarily a recipe for these spring rolls. It's more about the fresh veggies to use along with the cutting and slicing. My mother in law has been making these for us for years and she always uses the best and freshest ingredients. The way I make them is the way she taught me and I'll tell you, Jack and I could eat them all day everyday. They are that good. They're also super healthy and crazy simple to make. There's no way to mess these up. Unless you're me and realize you forgot to cook the noodles once you prepared everything, you dipped the rice paper in the water ready to assemble and it becomes one with the plate :)

You'll need-

Rice paper- You can find them at any World Market or your local Asian store. We have a couple of Korean stores in the area that we go to.
Rice/Glass noodles- You can also find these at the same places as the rice paper. Maybe even your local market.
Romaine lettuce leaves
Chicken or any protein of your choice. I make them vegetarian for me and with chicken for Jack.
Siracha or a hot sauce of your choice. Siracha works great. We use one that we buy at the Korean store and has the seeds in it (it has a green lid), you can either get this one or Siracha. We also add a few drops of lemon and stir some of the sauce in a bowl.

You start by cutting everything. Tear romaine lettuce leaves whole and wash them. I used red leaf lettuce this time because the romaine wasn't the freshest. The carrots I slice them in thin little strings, almost as if you grate them but you just can't get the same effect unless you have a mandolin to do this. Use a good knife. Same goes for the cucumber, we use English cucumber because they are just so darn good but regular cucumber works just as well. It takes a while to do this cut but trust me, it just makes it taste better and looks prettier. That's the way my MIL taught me, she's crazy neat about her cooking, and I make them like this every single time. Trim the cilantro (stem and all) and set aside with the lettuce, carrots and cucumber on a plate for easy access and assembly. You can add the avocado any way you like, I slice it and take the skin off then put it on a plate fanned out.

To prepare the noodles-
Put some water in a pot and wait for it to boil. Add the noodles and cook for a few minutes, they really don't take long at all and you'll get mush if you leave them in there for too long. Drain and rinse with cold water to stop them from cooking any further. Set aside in a bowl.

Rice paper-
These are a little tricky. Put some water in a deep pan, heat up but not to the point of boiling, you want it to be hot but not too hot. You'll be dipping the rice paper in it for just a few seconds. You will see it turn clear. Same rule applies to these as the noodles. If you leave the paper in the water for too long, it will get super sticky and hard to work with. I take a sheet with both hands by two fingers and kind of rotate the sheet in the water, if that makes any sense, until I've soaked it all up then I take it out and lay it on a large flat plate.

After you have everything prepared, get the rice paper sheet, dip it in the water, lay it on a flat plate and get to work! I arrange the leaf of lettuce first, add the noodles, carrots, cucumber, cilantro, avocado, the protein if you're using any, and a little bit of the hot sauce. I then fold the sides and roll it like a burrito! After you eat one, you'll want to eat them all and everyday. You can also put pretty much anything you like in them. One time my MIL put apple in them and I looked at her like huh? I tried the roll and it was so good with apple. It gives it a little bit of sweetness and crunch, if you're into that kind of stuff ;)

Also, another tip I can give you is to not make them all at once. Jack and I make them as we eat them. If you want to take them for lunch the next day and want to make them in advance, wrap them in saran wrap and put in the fridge in a container. The rice paper and noodles will harden a little but they will still taste good.

Have you made these and added anything else? Let me know!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Birthday Invitation.

After my experience with our Christmas card, I decided I would definitely find other sources for Elliot's birthday card. Call me a freak, but I think as a graphic designer I am always crazy about details like that because for one, I wish I could be designing it and two, if it's coming from another source, you better believe I'm going to make sure it's exactly what I want. I'm paying for it!

With that said, after asking a couple of other mamas, I decided to go with Tiny Prints. In my opinion, they had the best selection of such cute designs for every single occasion and after seeing their 1st Birthday Invitation section I was sold. I went with a simple design that showcased Elliot of course but their choices of typography and colors are really awesome. Plus their prices are very reasonable and I can tell you their quality is really really great. I was in love with the invitations as soon as I opened them, and the fact that they were printed and delivered in record time was a huge plus since I kind of procrastinated and needed to send them out ASAP.

I actually took the photos with my camera using the balloon theme but after going through them, balloons being the theme of the party, I didn't want the invitation to feel like I was hitting you in the head with it. I just didn't like how he looked with the balloons, or how the balloons looked with him. In any case, I decided to go for a simple photograph that I snapped with my iPhone and I didn't think the quality was going to be great but it is! They really did a great job. I definitely recommend them.

Now with the invitation sent out, I am focusing on making sure every other detail is perfect! As I mentioned before, I am doing a really neat collaboration with Tiny Prints for Elliot's party and will be sharing soon!

P.S. It's pretty obvious that the white rectangle doesn't belong there but I had to cover my address! It makes me nervous to have it posted around on the web. You never know ;)

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Elliot is ONE!

Yup. It's true. This little Button turned ONE yesterday! Blow my mind away why don't you. As a coworker told me. He's yours! No returns accepted now! Yes, he is all MINE! Ours ;)

I was so so happy to get his birthday off thanks to MLK. We snuggled, played, ate and napped. The weather was so beautiful too!

So on a Sunday evening at around 5:04 pm, this little tiny baby was born via emergency c-section after an entire day of contractions.

I woke up that day having cramp-like pain and just thought they were Braxton Hicks as I had been getting them on and off for the past few weeks. It was the day we needed to go back to our apartment to do a final cleaning after having just moved in to our new home. Our apartment was on the complete opposite side of town and off we went. You can read that crazy story here. I think that being a first time mama, or first time being pregnant I should say, when I started having contractions I didn't listen to my body. I wanted so bad to be completely moved in and done with turning in the keys to our apartment before Elliot came, that I went through the entire day with contractions. Imagine that.

A good friend of mine had her baby not too long ago and she was texting me on what to do, how far apart her contractions were, what she was feeling, the pain, etc and the first thing I told her was, listen to your body, if you in your heart and mind think it's time, then it's time. Get your things and go to the hospital. If only anybody would have given me that advice.

Anyway, this was the day that changed our lives forever and we became parents, just like that. Nobody gives you a book and tells you "read it, it will tell you exactly what to do." Crazy right? It was the most frightening and amazing moment of our lives. I remember laying there high on my spinal tap with Jack by my side and feeling all this pulling and pressure. It was a blur but I remember perfectly when they were wheeling Elliot out. I didn't get a chance to hold him. I saw him in his little cart and I could hear Jack telling me "look, look" and I turned to see this perfect little baby being taken away and all I could say was "aww" then off he went. I don't even remember the nurses telling Jack to take pictures of him quick because they had to take him. That was the beginning of the longest week of my life. Aside from having to recover from the c-section which was not easy, I didn't have a baby to hold. I spent three days in the hospital and the last night at around three in the morning, I remember looking through my phone at all the pictures I had taken of him and just bursting out in tears because the next day I would go home without a baby. Jack came running to me and hugged me and told me that we would be able to take him home soon. I didn't want to go home without my baby.

Now, we have a one year old going on three ha! He truly is the most loving, sweetest kid. I had been feeling down (I think it might have been the one-year old blues or something plus working so much) and kept telling Jack that Elliot didn't love me (I know, lame) because he just wanted to be with him and not me and how he loved the girls at daycare more than me. Then out of nowhere, we were in the kitchen and Jack handed him to me, Elliot put his little face in my neck then looked at me and put his little lips against mine. It was like a sign. Like he was telling me "of course I love you mama don't you ever doubt it" I wanted to cry. I told Jack that's exactly what I had been wanting and needing from that little boy and he made my day by doing that. He knew. He is so loving and playful. He knows exactly when to do things like complain about being in his crib, wanting his bottle, wanting to play and we love it. He is a strong minded baby. I think that as first time parents we did a good job. It's not easy at all especially being working parents. We have busy weeks and get home exhausted but we know we have to make time for our son. The weekends are spent giving him all of our time, then drinking a few beers when he goes to sleep :) We want to enjoy him and soak up every single second we have with him.

Then I remember he's no longer a little baby. That moment made me realize that he is in fact a toddler now. We made it through this entire year that actually flew by. I wouldn't change absolutely anything about this year. I cannot wait for what this kid is going to bring us this year. This is a brand new year of good things to come. It will be different. I will focus a lot more on my little family. The things that matter and the moments I have with them. I will no longer give in to petty things, things that don't really matter. This is what it's all about.

So yesterday we celebrated. We got Elliot a cupcake, his first ever sweet treat! I waited for Jack to get home, we ate dinner then gave Elliot his little dessert. At first he kept eating the sprinkles then I took it away and cut a tiny sliver for him. He tasted it and couldn't get enough of his red velvet goodness. Red Velvet was the cake we had in our wedding and it was a no-brainer for this occasion. He devoured it! That was enough to make him a hyper baby and he didn't go down until about nine! Jack and I face-palmed ourselves thinking that would never happen again haha. But we were so glad he got to enjoy a little treat for his birthday.

Happy first birthday my little boy. We have many, many more to celebrate!! Thank you for all your sweet comments on IG & Facebook. All of you are so special to us!! We love you!

Friday, January 17, 2014

New Tod's Faves.

Maybe I shouldn't put Elliot in the toddler category just yet right? After all, he is still in the pre-toddler stage according to my resources ;) Therefore, that gives me plenty of time to prepare, or try to, for the times to come.

With that said, here are some of my favorite items, toys, books, etc so far for Button.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

1/ This Fisher Price play table has been a hit ever since he was able to stand. We use it so much that Jack and I sing along. Lame. Elliot loves it which is what matters!

2/ That set of toys is well, sold as a set. It would've been nice to know that. We bought everything separately and probably spent more that way. Oh well. The stackable rings are sort of a toy from the past. Elliot moved on from it as soon as he figured out how to stack them in record time. The shape box is so cute but serves no purpose to him as of yet, he takes the lid off and throws the shapes in there. Who has time to put them in one by one? Not him apparently. Now the xylophone on the other hand, he loves. He's starting to play some notes and laughs about it. We love it too, when we are playing with Elliot, Jack and I have competitions to see who can get Twinkle Little Star done without making any mistakes. Then we bet on things like changing Elliot's diaper (if you smelled them you would do this too), folding the laundry, throwing out the trash you know, everyday routines. Pretty normal right?

3/ I bought this sippy years ago. Okay totally exaggerating but I love this brand and I got it on clearance a long time ago hoping Button would quickly learn to drink from it. He just got the hang of it not too long ago and drinks from it all the time now. I love that you can twist the lid to keep the straw inside of it to keep it clean when I toss it in the diaper bag.

4/ I know it's early for him to eat with a spoon but I really want him to learn this soon. I give it to him to practice and while he holds it with one hand and eats with the other I'm sure he will get it. Someday.

5/ This Dr. Seuss book along with "Oh Baby, The Places You'll Go" are his two favorites hands down. He always goes to this one in particular and sits there looking at the pictures. Jack and I read it to him and we take turns with each line because we know it by memory. As soon as he hears the words, he knows exactly what we are doing he smiles and immediately goes to whoever has the book and sits there touching all the soft parts of it. So so cute.

6/ These little sneakers are perfect for him to stand and hopefully take his first steps. They are sturdy and so cute! A friend of mine told me she got those for her daughter and they have lasted her a long time. We will see with this little babe. We call them Weekend Shoes. He smiles when he sees that it's time to wear them and as soon as I put them on he sits down to touch them, then takes one off. 

7/ These suction bowls are not the exact ones I got but they are similar. They have a suction tab that adheres to the high chair although sometimes they don't work as well and Elliot ends up dumping his meal on him or the floor. They are good to teach him to start using a plate/bowl because as soon as he sees anything that remotely resembles one it goes darting across the kitchen, food and all.

I am so ready for this three-day weekend ahead and I'm ready to have our own little celebration with Button this Monday! It's his birthday and while I'm still in shock, I'm ready for him to have his very first taste of sweet goodness. Whichever shape that comes in, I haven't decided yet.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Party Planning.

Seriously. I am here already. I honestly started planning Elliot's first birthday party when he was born about seven months old. I knew I didn't want a cartoon theme. I just wanted a boyish, cute colors, simple party for him. So, after thinking about it and looking, I decided it would be balloons. Simple and cute. What kid doesn't like balloons? I know Elliot loves them and it drives Jack and I nuts because he digs his nails into them like he's going to pop them but he doesn't. We cringe the entire time waiting for the pop and the balloon making that rubbery noise! I shudder just thinking about it. He sure knows how to get to us.

These are the colors I am using. After trying to decide on them forever, I went with bright, bold colors. I wanted to keep them neutral and do muted colors with a pop but that is MY style. We are talking about a one year old here and so I wanted to make it appropriate. These will be on a lot of the decorations. Also, I braced myself and purchased a circle punch to make my own garland. I found some amazing ones on Etsy but with everything we are buying for Button's party, I have to take it upon myself to see where we can reduce costs. I purchased it at Hobby Lobby with the 40% off coupon and it works great along with some paper in different colors. Now the sewing part is up. We will see how that one goes. I just have to remind myself not to stitch my fingers together and we are good to go.

If you are following me on Pinterest, I have been pinning away since day one on this board. They have the cutest ideas!

We will also have a sweets table and an activities table for the little ones along with some games to keep them entertained. I've never done this before so I'm excited but nervous! I want it to be perfect and I realize I'm going above and beyond expectations from a ONE year old, but hey, it's Elliot's party after all. My firstborn ;) Go big or go home. I'm keeping it simple and small, so it has to be darn good. I hope.

I am also doing a really awesome collaboration with Tiny Prints for this party and I can't wait to share that with you!! Now, back to more party planning!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Weekend.

I haven't done one of these in a while because I am lazy to take pics sometimes, but mostly because there's been other stuff going on.

The highlight of this weekend was putting away the Christmas decorations. I don't know if I should call it a highlight because I was happy to get my home back but sad to put everything away until next year. And also the fact that if THAT was the highlight of our weekend, it means we have some life revamping to do around here. I think Button was sad too! He went to the tree all on his own and sat there, I swear he stared at it for a good minute. He would crawl away, go back, sit and look up. Kinda saddening.

Then he said, nah! There's always next year ;)

I bought some handy plastic containers from Home Depot and they were perfect. Three large ones fit everything since we still don't have a lot of Christmas stuff. Just wait till next year! Santa Claus is a'comin. Or maybe Mrs. Claus.

Of course this trip had to happen. We had to get Elliot proper shoes for daycare which meant the darkest color they had since he ruins them there with all the crawling and going outside. I wasn't going to put him in his cool red shoes are you crazy?! Those are weekend shoes ONLY. :)

He always, always, always holds on to dear life to both sides of the cart and doesn't let go for anything! It's the funniest thing. I think he pretends it's a roller coaster?

We made a good breakfast Sunday. Okay I'm lying, we didn't make it, we ran to Subway and got some delicious, healthy breakfast sandwiches but we did make really good smoothies to go with them. In mine I put OJ, peaches, strawberries, kale and cherries. It was so good I gave some to Elliot, the feeling wasn't mutual. He tasted it and threw his sippy across the kitchen. I think the OJ was too sour for him. Jack put milk, banana, kale, peaches and strawberries in his. Perfect addition to our sandwiches.

At Target, I also got this babe some new bowls and spoons to start teaching him the proper use of both and as you can see, half of his food is on the tray or on the floor, or him and his spoon is in one hand and food in the other. Great job!

I am also in the middle of planning his birthday party and I'm excited to say things are going pretty smoothly! I even addressed all invitations and they're ready to go. I have the colors, theme, decorations, etc. Post on that soon!

Is it Spring yet? We have been having beautiful weather in the low 60's and it got me thinking of all the planting and designing I want to do for our front yard! Yes, things like that get me excited. Don't judge.

Have a great week!!

Friday, January 10, 2014


I have been thoroughly enjoying this semi cold weather we have been getting here. With the summers getting above the hundreds, any form of cold weather sounds good to me. With that comes cozy clothing, hot drinks and lots of snuggling and movie watching nights.

I am loving all of these things right now thanks to this season.

This Sensual Amber body cream from Bath & Body Works smells amazing. I keep it at work where I am applying it throughout the day on my hands because with cold weather comes dry skin (at least in my case) and I apply it every single time I wash my hands or whenever I feel the dryness. It is so so good. I'm definitely going back for more. The name doesn't hurt either ;)

These cozy socks from target. I have numerous pairs and I gave a pair to every girl in our family including the little ones this past Christmas. I love them so so much. Jack and I never wear shoes in our house and I immediately throw these on after I get home from work and wear them all weekend, they're perfect! They keep my feet nice and warm and they are so soft. Huge plus.

Warm leggings. I live in these. I have them in different colors and thicknesses and after I get home I get into these and sleep in them. I even go to the grocery store in them ;) Who's looking anyway? Oh wait...

Hot chocolate or hot tea. The holidays are over but not the hot chocolate with marshmallows. These are a must during cold weather aren't they? I had talked about my favorite hot tea in this post and had to bring it back because it's just too good not to mention again. What's better than getting in bed after a long day with a nice cup of chocolate or tea snuggled up with a good book? Or in the morning with some warm pancakes? Yum.

I've mentioned it before, but I am loving all the IG and blog mama friends and non-mama friends I've made over the last couple of months and all the new ones! I truly appreciate all of you. I love seeing your baby announcements (they get me excited too and cause a bit of baby fever) and all your beautiful babies and everyday lives! 

And last but not least, the Target dollar section. They already have Valentine's goodies and I couldn't wait long enough to buy a couple of things. It's the best little section anyone could have created! I know, I just reread this last sentence and I understand how ridiculous I sound. I love it though! ;)

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Takeover Tuesday.

Have you ever seen such a pretty nurse? Today is Takeover Tuesday and Brittany from Fabulously Faint is taking over! Please head over to her blog to read about her story. She's such an inspiration and her recipes will make your mouth water! 

Name: Brittany

Blog name: Fabulously Faint

Where are you from? I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful state of California! Yes, I’m a Cali girl through and through

Favorite Quote: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”-Maya Angelou

How did you pick your blog title? Fabulously Faint was derived from my main symptom ….and what girl doesn’t want to be fabulous?

Why did you start a blog? I suffered a stroke in 2012 and was diagnosed with a chronic illness in March 2013. I had a lot of friends and family mention the idea of blogging but I wasn’t quite ready to expose myself. Finally I decided that it would be a good way to bring awareness and share my story in a positive light. I wanted to show that it is possible to enjoy life even if it wasn’t the same life you once lived.

Where do you finding inspiration for blogging? I love fashion, cooking, and crafting. I follow other bloggers with similar stories and interests. Also, Pinterest pretty much completes me! In regards to my "lifestyle" portion , everyday life and conversation with family and friends definitely have a lot of influence on what I write.

Do you have any special weekly posts? This post is part of a blog swap that I do every week called Take-over Tuesdays. I love it because it allows me to share bloggers that I love! Let me know if you’re interested in participating! I also have a post called Foodie Fridays which is a collection of favorite recipes and new recipes that I have tried out.

Why do you read Baby Button Brown ? I love DIY ideas and seeing the way other people craft and decorate their homes. Shadia's Christmas projects caught my eye and I've been reading ever since. Not to mention her photos of her little man are always too cute to handle!

Which blogs do you love to read?
. Rain on a Tin Roof - Jenna’s DIY projects are very creative and right up my alley! I also love the fact that she does frequent giveaways.
. Lethargic Smiles – She has POTS as well ( the same condition I have) and is very honest about her experiences and in sharing different treatment options and remedies that have and haven't worked for her.
. A Beautiful Mess - They blog about just about all of my favorite things: recipes, fashion, crafts,and beauty! What’s not to love? I also love their photo app ” A Beautiful Mess”. I pretty much use this app on a daily basis!

5 random facts about you:
1. Being a nurse completes me!
2. I was a back-up dancer for Danity Kane during their Showstopper days
3. I swam with a pod of 75 dolphins in the ocean in was the most amazing experience
4. I’m a tattoo addict but most people can’t tell just by looking at me
5. None of my brothers have kids yet but thanks to my cousins and friends I’m the Auntie to a gang of the smartest, sweetest, cutest, most talented kids. I may be a little bit biased, but seriously, if you met them you’d fall in love too!

Thank you Shadia for participating in this week's Takeover Tuesday! If you would like to meet the other Take Over Tuesday girls, Read Shadia’s answers, learn more about Take Over Tuesday, or participate in a Takeover Tuesday CLICK HERE. Feel free to follow me on Bloglovin’ and Google+. I love meeting and connecting with new people and making new blog friends :)

Thank you Brittany for allowing me to participate!! :) To see my answers to these questions head over to her blog! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Eleven Months.

Age: 11 Months

Stats: We won't know exactly until your 12 month appointment but I'm guessing you hit the 20lb mark already.

Clothes: 12-18 for sure.

Favorite Foods: Mango, cheese, bananas, egg, pasta, pineapple. Everything!

Favorite Words: Dada, Mama (yes!) and baabaa, taataa among other more complex blabbing. :)

Favorite Activities:Standing and trying to walk, I think this is more of a mama favorite? You do love to stand up just about anywhere. You're going to be walking in no time. Walking around with the help of your crib rail. Also, we need to get you a guard because you've been biting on the wood! Clapping your hands, laughing, and having us imitate you is so funny to you. You love baths as well.

Least Favorite Activities: Diaper changes. Face cleaning. You hate this. You know that when I go to the bathroom or kitchen sink to wet a towel and wipe your face you start turning your head trying to avoid me even before I show you the towel. You insist on eating oatmeal on your own so this has to be done to keep you clean! :) Changing your clothes is an adventure.

Favorite Things: Snacks, your toys especially Woody, We take him everywhere now. Your books, you can spend a long time looking at them and having them all on the floor going through them. Pulling on curtains is another one of your favorites, and mama's not-so-favorites. 

Signature Moves: You're starting to dance! You melt my heart every single time. Even when you're eating and it's hilarious because mama and daddy do this too! We always have music on in the kitchen and you're eating then you start moving to the music. At least you have more rhythm than daddy haha! When you're crawling, we say bye to you since you're faster than flash and leave us in seconds but you hear the word "bye" and you immediately stop, sit up and wave back. You also clap and get us to clap too and get really excited as we are all clapping at the same time. 

Mom's 'Proudest' Moment: On Christmas Eve dinner, smart mama decided to give you some meat. I cut it really tiny but I guess it was a little dry and you started choking. Good thing your uncle was there and he saw you and got you! I almost had a heart attack but surprisingly you, daddy and I handled it pretty well. I'm sorry baby boy. 

Other Milestones: You started drinking from a straw! Mama loves this because I can finally get out all those cute sippy cups I got you! Your top teeth came out and it wasn't fun but thank God we are over the fussiness stage on that. You really amaze us everyday with the new things you are discovering and doing. You are so curious about everything! You're an explorer. I cannot believe you turn ONE in just a couple of weeks but I am so excited for what's ahead. I say that every month but daddy and I are having so much with you! 

Happy almost one year birthday baby boy!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014: The Year Of Change.

Happy New Year!! This was by far one of the most fun New Year's I have had. It was a little bit low key and I loved every second of it. We had some great food, had some adult beverages and talked and laughed nonstop.

My mom and sister made grape leaves, if you've never had them, please run to your nearest Middle Eastern/Greek restaurant and have some. They are the shit. My mom and my sister make them better than any I've ever had. I prepared a veggie platter and a cracker, cheese, dip platter. Both so so yummy!

We ate then lounged for the rest of the night. It felt so good to have all the family with us as we haven't really had the chance to all be together the entire night for the past couple of years during the holidays so hosting it at our house was a great idea. My mom had to leave early because she had to work the next day (boo) so it was my sister, my niece and us. We drank, played games then ten came around and we were all so tired! We kept drinking and playing to stay up and we did it! We popped open the champagne, toasted, hugged and exactly 2.5 seconds after midnight we all said goodnight and went to bed :) At least we made it till midnight and trust me, it was really hard. Even Elliot woke up to toast with us, it's like he knew. The he slept in till eight thirty the next day! Such a good kid.

I got to put on a dress too! I felt so grown up and myself again. I even left it on all night! I kept telling my family that I was going to change into leggings but ended up leaving it on. It made me feel good.

I call this the year of change because I feel like last year, things happened way too quickly and we didn't get to fully enjoy everything that life had there waiting for us. This year Jack and I made a vow to spend more time together as a husband and wife, more dates, trips to the movies and just time together in general and definitely make more quality time for Elliot which has been really hard since we both work full time and the hustle and bustle of everyday life gets in the way a little bit sometimes. Now that he is a little older, we will be able to do a lot more with him. Trips to the zoo, the park, and a good family vacation are in order this year. 

We both want to eat healthier again, our eating habits kind of went down the drain this past year due to a baby, full time jobs and a house renovation, it should be no excuse but the last thing we would think about sometimes was cooking and eating healthy. Ordering a pizza online seemed like the way to go a lot of the times. No more of that. It takes longer to make a healthy dinner (not all the time) but we really want to stick to the way we eat since Elliot will soon follow that. That's a big priority. We also need to be a lot more active. A LOT more active which doesn't seem like a huge problem since Elliot helps a lot with that one ;) In all seriousness though, I complain a lot about my weight but do nothing about it. That will change!

I've loved reading all of your resolutions and definitely relate to a lot of them. I think that sometimes we get so busy that we forget to stop and look at the little things that matter the most. I'm very and constantly guilty of that.

May your 2014 be full of blessings, happiness, love and may you fulfill all of your goals and dreams!

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