Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hump Day Bumpdate

Yesterday Jack and I went to the doctor for my twenty week visit. This pregnancy has truly been flying by and I cannot believe I am halfway there! Smooth sailing from now on, fingers crossed.

Here's a little update on how everything is going-

How far along: Almost 21 weeks. Eek!
Gender: Still a boy! It's funny because as the ultrasound tech was trying to look at baby boy's parts, he was crossing his legs so hard! I jokingly asked "It's still a boy right?" and after trying for a few more seconds, the tech was able to say that yes, it's still a boy. Jack and I found out we were having a boy at 10 weeks with a blood test, and I asked the tech if those can ever be wrong, and he said they could if done too early. It's definitely a boy. :)
Maternity clothes: ALL THE WAY! This belly is growing a mile a minute. I keep telling my doc that there's twins in there, he can't find the other one. ;)
Sleep: Finally started sleeping better. I pulled out my pregnancy pillow from the closet and it is life changing. If you're expecting and you don't have one, please go get one now. You'll thank me later.
Best moment this month: Yesterday's checkup! There's nothing more reassuring than having this ultrasound to find out baby has all the bones he needs, his brain, kidneys and heart look really good plus listening to his heart beat is literally music to our ears. Also, the doctor told us that I am a good candidate for vaginal birth after my c-section which is both exciting and terrifying. 
Worst moment this month: Everything has been good! 
Miss anything: After being so sick with this pregnancy for the first 19 weeks, I thought being grossed out by the smell of beer or any alcoholic drink would never go away. Now I'm craving a really cold Corona! Ha. Irony.
Movement: Tons! According to the ultrasound tech, baby boy is breech right now. It's not surprising since I feel kicks all day long right on the bottom of my belly. 
Cravings: Watermelon, anything with chili, coffee (yay!), salads, pretty much anything refreshing.
Queasy or sick: Not anymore!! 
Looking forward to: Jack and Elliot feeling the baby kick. I'm dying for Elliot to better understand that there's actually a little person in my belly, just as he was! Right now he knows there's a baby, but blows me off when I tell him the baby is kicking or ask if he wants to see a picture of the baby. He says "He can't see it" while looking at my belly. Ha! 
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