Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Detoxing.

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! We thoroughly enjoyed this long weekend and I loved spending four and a half days with Elliot!

I got a call from daycare on Thursday at a birthday luncheon for my boss telling me I needed to pick up Elliot because he had had two runny diapers. After two they can no longer keep them and they cannot come back the next day without a doctor's note releasing them stating that they're not contagious. I had a quick lunch and headed over to pick him up and immediately took him to his pediatrician. She said that he was in fact contagious and she was actually restricting him from daycare which meant I had to take Friday off to take care of him (which I didn't mind one bit), my boss was there at the table so I let him know what was going on and left for the day. Thank God that little strong boy got better that Saturday and we got to enjoy the weekend so much!

We even got to go to the neighbor's pool party and although he didn't get to get in the pool (I was still iffy about it because of his tummy) he loved standing around the pool watching all the kids play!

We ate burgers, hot dogs, nachos, chips (all in double servings), drank lots of beer and didn't work out this weekend. All of the things you're not supposed to do when you want to get in shape. This "cheat" weekend was worth probably about a million calories that our bodies will now have to get rid of.

I've been drinking detox water for a while now and all I have to say is that it works. It's also an aid on my journey to lose weight. You just have to find the one you like, or a few to avoid boredom, and stick to drinking them. Luckily for us, they have so many yummy options! My three favorite ones are cucumber, lime & mint, orange, lemon & mint and lemon, mint and I add blueberries for more flavor. I am also a fan of ginger so I'm trying that one next. It doesn't hurt to try any of these, they taste so good and cleanses your body! Plus you get a flatter belly. Win win and major win. Pinterest has tons of great options.

The cucumber helps your liver and kidneys filter the ammonia in your body, mint and lemon help digestion and orange stimulates your immune system! All you have to do is slice everything up, put them in a container with water, let them sit overnight and drink! It is so refreshing too.

On Monday, we desperately needed to recuperate so we made healthy meals, and ate lots of watermelon, it gives your liver an overall boost! Even more than cucumber! This boy is such a big fan of eating slice after slice! He was so used to me cutting it up for him and now that he found out he can eat it another way, he's not going back. It was so much fun looking at the faces he would make after every bite and he would always look down at his feet at all the juice dripping. He would stay still, take a bite then start walking around, every time. The cutest!

If you have any detox water favorites please share! Have a great short week!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Being Fit.

It's no secret that I absolutely hate working out. I've always said that. I gained so much weight during my pregnancy due to the "I'm pregnant" excuse and ate and ate and ate everything and anything in my path! I had always eaten really healthy and this was my time to let go and eat. Wrong move. My coworkers even made fun of me and would hand me their plates after I was done with mine. Nice.

On one of my doctor's visits, he looked at my weight and told me that I couldn't gain anymore. I had to really watch what I was eating because I was gaining more than the average amount a woman my size and weight should gain. I felt so embarrassed! I swore I would be having a nine pound baby and Elliot came out weighing a mere five pounds seven ounces. Tiny baby. Darn.

Now I had all this weight I had to lose. Somehow. I heard and read that breastfeeding helped in shedding the pounds and yeah that happened for a bit then nothing. I tried to start eating really healthy again and my milk supply started going down so back to eating a balanced diet. After those four months of breastfeeding I finally thought I could start working out and eating healthy. Yeah right. I was so exhausted all the time after going back to work with a baby that still didn't sleep through the night. So that went out the window. After a whole year of wearing the same clothes because that's what fit me, turning thirty and hearing that from then on everything goes downhill as far as womanly parts (ha!), I think something in my head clicked and after looking at myself in the mirror, I knew that I'm the only one who can change the way I look. I haven't been comfortable in my own skin for a long time and it was time to do something about it instead of just complaining to Jack all the time about how unhappy I was with my body and him (very kindly and sweetly) telling me that I looked good.

I tried Insanity and liked it for about two days then gave up. It just wasn't for me. I thought that maybe someone kind of forcing me and telling me what do to step by step would work but it just didn't. Hey I tried.

We have slowly but surely started furnishing our little gym in the garage and got some weights, a treadmill, an exercise ball and some of the heavier weights for Jack. I told myself, okay, no more bullshitting yourself from now on and no more thinking that the pounds are just magically going to melt away. Trust me, I wished for that. ;)

So now I started running everyday from Sunday through Thursday and of course still eating really good and I already started seeing a difference. I also drink water like there's no tomorrow. I feel better, I look better and I even have a little more energy to keep me going. I play Jennifer Lopez's (I've always been a big fan of hers, don't judge) videos on YouTube and this really helps. I see what a banging body she has and I keep running, I encourage myself by saying "one more minute" and one more minute after that. I really enjoy running now! I put Elliot to sleep, change my clothes and head to my own personal gym (which also helped). I think the fact that before, when I had a gym membership, the fact that I had to change, look decent, and head to the gym fifteen minutes away didn't help.

Now that we moved to the other side of town the gym is literally three minutes away but that's still a hassle for me. Walking into my garage and being able to go straight to the shower after without having to leave my family for a second has helped tremendously! My sister has also been such an example and inspiration, she runs everyday no matter what! Aside from the fact that she has an amazing body and bounced back to her pre-baby weight in no time because being in shape before a baby does that to you. That's one of my goals. After my second baby I definitely do not want to go through this again. I want to be able to be one of those girls that bounces back and keeps on working out.

Having nice workout outfits and cool running shoes also helps. Maybe it's all of those workout gear commercials I've been watching but you get the point.

Jack looks at me differently now and I can tell that he is proud of me. I keep telling him that he will have a hot wife in a couple of months. I think he likes that idea. ;)

My point is, it took me forever to finally find something I enjoy doing to feel and look better (better late than never). Running, out of all things, is what I despised the most and envied all those women that do it because it's like air to them. I'm not sure if I'll ever share that feeling but for now, running is what I like doing. And I'm okay with that. Maybe one day it can turn into love.

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One Year (Already?!)

I remember perfectly how on the week of my twenty-ninth birthday I decided to start a blog. It was mostly because I have so much to say, but more importantly to write about our adventures with a then three month-old and me going back to work (I was a mess). It seems like it was just yesterday that I wrote my first post and documented the most important happenings in our lives. Elliot's birth, our wedding, my life story and all of the milestones and every month of Elliot's life leading up to his first year. Incredible yet kind of crazy to think how much time has already gone by. You can read my very first post here.

One of my most favorite things about blogging is all the people I have met through this outlet. I have become friends with incredible women and mamas. I know I've said it before but being part of their lives through social media and getting to know their babies and watching them grow on Instagram and their blogs has been such a pleasure. The advice we give each other, the funny stories, the not-so-good moments in our lives and the thousand pictures we all take of our little ones make this entire thing so worth it. I wish I could meet you all in person!! One day. :)

In one year, it has been a crazy, hectic yet amazing and fun ride in my life with my family. Going back to all of my old posts, a lot happened in one year! This is my very own purpose for writing a blog. To be able to go back and hopefully one day show Elliot everything his mama wrote about him so that mama didn't forget what I wanted to say to him, all of the times I almost pulled my hair out, the smelly (super stinky) diapers Jack and I went through, the first time he tasted his first solid food, he grabbed his first toy, he rolled over, started crawling, then walking, how I almost cried when all of these things happened and now he's the most incredible little boy, starting to form opinions, and he's opinionated alright. All the times I have complained over and over (and probably always will) about leaving him at daycare to go to work and how hard that still is, but how rewarding it has been to be able to provide him with everything he needs plus how much more I appreciate the quality time I get with him. My challenges as a working mom, wife and personal life. All of this in one year's period and we couldn't be happier.

Our life story is here written the way I want Jack and Elliot to remember it. This adventure one little boy has taken us on and everything that's to come (maybe another baby?). Because this is only the beginning and we are so fortunate to be experiencing this and be able to document it.

I love my family so so much and Elliot completed us in ways we couldn't imagine. And it's mostly all written here. :)

I want to thank all of you who follow, read and leave the sweetest comments on here, Facebook and Instagram. Keep on! I love you all! And of course, thank you Jack, for supporting me on this blogging adventure! I love you!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Fifteen Months.

Can you believe I'm typing fifteen? Fifteen months of pure love and learning, crying, laughing and poopy diapers. ;)

Time has flown by so quickly that this update is being written at almost sixteen months ha! It's being written nonetheless. Oh what this boy has brought into our lives!

Age: 15 months

Stats: I believe he's 30 inches and 22.75 lbs. You're a little below average on weight again but the doc said it's because you're walking.  

Clothes: 18-24 for sure. 

Favorite Foods: Bananas are pretty much your thing. You devour an entire banana all on your own. You're still a pretty good eater and haven't had any issues. I thought you were disliking eggs but you're back on track and eating them. Yogurt is also becoming one of your faves. It's so cute because I give you the container and a spoon and you squeeze the bottom to try to get it all out. 

Favorite Words: Mama! Dada, woody pronounced "oodsy", ball "bo", over there "ot ther" while pointing with your finger.

Favorite Activities: Running around the house, taking every single thing out of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets (which always gives me a few more minutes to get ready or prepare dinner), bubbles, being outside, baths. You love to make us laugh by making faces, weird moves or anything that you think will work. You are the silliest little boy! You really do make us laugh everyday. 

Least Favorite Activities: Diaper changes and any form of face and hand cleaning.

Favorite Things: Your paci. Oops, you've been so attached to it lately that we've been giving in. We need to take it away from you soon though. Woody, we ask you where he is and you bring him to us. Drinking from mama and daddy's drink. You love being chased and you laugh hysterically! You have also acquired a love, that we don't necessarily share, of throwing stuff in the toilet. We keep the lid down since your playing-in-the-toilet-water incident but every now and then we forget and find a sock in there.

Signature Moves: You love dancing! As soon as you hear music you start swaying back and forth and you stomp your little feet and bend your knees up and down. The sweetest thing ever! You do share mama and daddy's love of music. You throw a mean ball, I think we have a future baseball player in our hands. You throw with your left and right so we still don't know which hand you favor. You hold the spoon and fork with both hands too.

Mom's 'Proudest' Moment: I have a couple :) You fell off the bed for the first time since you were born and I still feel so guilty about it! It was sometime in the middle of the night when I took you out of the crib to come sleep with us and you somehow managed to roll above my head without me noticing and when I felt you it was too late, I grabbed your leg but you slipped and fell on the carpet. Thank God you were okay and only cried for a few seconds. I was terrified! I held you so tight and said I'm sorry until you fell asleep again. Then I was changing your diaper and accidentally let go of the Velcro and it smacked you on the belly. You were pretty pissed about that since it left you a red mark. 

A real proud moment is that you give mama the biggest hugs! You'll be walking, I'll call your name and ask you for a hug, you run to me arms wide open and you lay your little head on my shoulder with your arms wrapped around me. I can't get enough of those, once I ask you a thousand times you get the hang of it and walk away, ha!

Other Milestones: Well, does finding you on top of a new diaper box dancing and screaming count? I would say yes in my book. :) I even had to call daddy over to see you because it was so funny! You are the quickest ASL learner! I'll teach you a sign and the next time I ask you, you already know it. You favorite signs are milk, more, all done and please. You're also recognizing parts of the body and you're also learning to put stuff away when we ask you to. You make a huge mess and we call you our little tornado but as long as you put everything back, we are okay with it. :) I can't wait to teach you more of everything!!

You seriously are the sweetest and friendliest boy in the world. You wave hi at every single person you see and when they don't wave back you keep waving anyway. The girls at daycare love you and when I drop you off you immediately want to be held by them which makes me feel better about leaving you to go to work. You learn something new everyday and you are imitating a lot of things we do and noises we make. My most favorite thing is when your ball goes under the bed or sofa you lay on the floor to look for it and point at it for us to get it. It's also so much easier to know what you want because we name something and you laugh if that's what you want. You have been such a good kid and I hope you stay that way okay? 

We love you more than anything in this world! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beauty Bag Goodie Swap.

Two of the most beautiful people I've met through the blogging and Instagram world hosted, yet again, another Beauty Bag Goodie Swap! Kayla and Brittany came up with this fun idea to swap lip goodies this time and I couldn't be more excited!!

My swap partner is Vanessa from Nessa's World. She is the perfect partner! We have so so much in common is it crazy. This is why I love doing things like these. You get to meet some wonderful girls!

This was in my bag.

Super blurry pic but but I'm in love with this color. I'm usually a lip gloss girl and hardly ever wear a lipstick and these are colors that I would normally be afraid to wear but this will make me try them!

Thank you so much Vanessa!! I love my goodies! I'm looking forward to the next swap! :)

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