Friday, September 26, 2014

Things I said I Would Do/Not Do.

As mamas, or actually, before we become first time mamas, we set our expectations way too high in my opinion. Our kids will be the best of the bunch and they will learn to read and write at the age of eighteen months, will only eat organic foods, wear environmentally friendly clothes, and find the cure for cancer by the age of two. ;)

Okay, maybe not that high or ridiculous but you get the idea. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. We only want what's best for them, but are we setting ourselves up for something we know is highly improbable unless you have an unlimited budget or you're a celebrity with the freedom to do just that?

Whatever it is, I know my standards were set so high as a first time mama that over time, you learn that most of it is kind of BS and you throw in the towel and just try your best. I learned that. Here are some things I swore I would do or not do for that matter and how after a couple of months of being in mamahood, all of that changed.

Everything organic. Look at all those pesticides and artificial stuff they put in food nowadays! <--- that was me when I was pregnant and Elliot's first couple of months. Pshh, all that shit is so expensive! I went from a couple of organic veggies to make baby food to regular produce. Forget all of the shampoos and soaps and towels and clothes. Target is my best friend when it comes to those things. I did get the organic food pouches because yes, I'm still afraid of all that stuff, plus these were great on the go and perfectly safe. And yes, I still wash the veggies really well before using but they are okay! My kid will survive! :)

Eating junk food. We have always been healthy eaters, almost always, and of course that was and has been our number one thing. We hardly ever eat junk food and consider it a treat for ourselves. By no means do we consider ourselves better than anyone else, it's the fact that we are weight gainers! Me so more than Jack and we have to really watch what we eat. We also want to be healthy of course so this was a must for Elliot as well. He eats really good (thank God!) and I swore that he would never eat junk food.

That completely changed and now we treat him to a couple of fries, an occasional hot dog, mac & cheese, pizza, etc. He's a fan of Classic Lays as well. :) We decided that yes, while he needs to eat healthy, going solely on that route would create a picky eater. We didn't want that. He needed to know what other food is like not just what we give him. And boy does he love it ;)

Pacifier after being a year old. Yeah, that didn't work out so great. You can read about that here. I finally gave up and after my mama friends comments, I felt better about it and let it go. If I get to three years old and Elliot is still attached to his paci then I will worry.

Co-sleeping. This always terrified me. I pictured Elliot being smothered by one of us by accident and us not having a clue until the next morning. Uhm no thanks. Also, we need our sleep. Functioning on a couple of hours of sleep as a parent is possible, we all do it and get through it but it's not ideal! Not for us. Ha. The wars began in the middle of the night as to who should get up to get Elliot when he woke up crying, we had only gotten one to two hours of sleep and Elliot was ready to party. Get up, argue with your hubs because you got up last time, put Elliot back to sleep, get back in bed, get one more hour of sleep, repeat. Then as he got a little older and would wake up at night, we decided that if the first time he woke up and we put him back to sleep and he woke up a second time, he would go in bed with us. Solution! He slept through the night. Although he sleeps soundly a lot more in his crib now, we still put him in bed with us more times than I'll admit. Besides, the snuggle time we get is priceless.

Not going to the doctor for every single thing. I thought, shoot, I know what I'm doing, I'm not going to be one of those mamas to freak out about everything. Yes, yes I am. To this day I am. I've gotten better, A LOT better but I still take him to the doctor even if it is to tell me to give him Motrin. I don't know if that will change. I'm sure I'll go less with our second child but I will still go. I need to know that my kid is okay. Sorry not sorry.

Being judgmental of other kids throwing tantrums in public. I would tell Jack, those parents need to get control of that situation, our son will never behave like that. Oh how little did I know, how naive I was! Now I look at the parents and understand one hundred percent. Two hundred percent.

Take a million pictures of firsts and everything he does. I found it kind of ridiculous until I had Elliot! Now I'm THAT mama and I don't care!

Elliot will be clean and know to put things away when he's done playing. Bahaha still laughing about that one!

These are just a couple of things, what are yours?

Here's to learning a lot more as parents with Elliot and even more when we decide on baby #2! Cheers to the weekend and spending time with Jack & this little one aka The Tornado! ;)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Anniversary & Stories.

I was in the limo with my mom, niece, my two bridesmaids and my sister, my maid of honor. I kept telling myself to hold off on throwing up because I felt like it would happen any minute. I kept myself busy by taking pictures of my niece holding her teddy bear on the way there. Ha! The drive felt like it took hours and I desperately wanted to get there. It was raining and that worried me because the wedding was outdoors and we didn't have a plan B. I had a thousand things racing through my head! 

We finally made it and the sky had cleared up with a few clouds lingering. September always seemed like the perfect month out of the year because the weather starts cooling off and it just seemed like a good month to get married. We were right.

The judge got into the limo to go over a few things about our vows and the ceremony in general. I loved her! She made me feel at ease.

Through the window I could see Jack standing at the end waiting. I'm sure he was feeling just as impatient, excited, nervous as I was and I wanted to cry. I held my tears, held my dad's arm and started walking down the isle. We had a guitar player as I walked down. My throat was in knots! I could see he was holding back tears too and I tried looking away to not start right there with him but I couldn't. I looked at him the entire time. He looked so handsome in his tuxedo! As soon as I got to him and held his hands, all stress and anxiousness went away. I wasn't nervous anymore, just excited that in a few minutes I would be this man's wife.

We said I do, kissed and the ceremony was over! It was time to party! Before we get to the party, let me backtrack all the way back to our engagement.

We had already been looking at rings for a while so that Jack had an idea of what I liked. Might seem completely unromantic but it's important! I feel like it brought us closer together because we knew this commitment would happen. The ring would just seal the deal.

I had never been to Vegas. We planned a trip to go there. Just us. We got there and checked into our hotel then went upstairs to our room to rest and shower to start the day. I was so excited! I showered and then I realized I had forgotten a brush. With long hair that's a necessity!! Jack pointed to a drawer and asked if I had looked in that drawer to see if by any chance there was a brush there and I said yes I had already looked then walked away out of the bathroom. He had to resort to plan B. Finally I had blow dried and curled my hair, all I needed were some accessories. I took a bag with all of my necklaces, earrings and bracelets in it. I was taking them out, trying them on and asking Jack if they looked good. He kept saying no and when I was getting to the last of the accessories I was a little confused. I then looked in the bag and saw a shiny little object in there that I didn't remember packing or having for that matter.

I took it out and immediately gasped. He grabbed it from my hand and got down on one knee. He was doing it! This was happening! Never had I any idea that he would do this on this trip. He said he couldn't really talk because we were both choking up and he said "but will you marry me". Oh my gosh, I dropped to my knees with him and said yes! We both started crying and looking at the ring. It was perfect. Everything was perfect. I didn't want that moment to end. Turns out he had initially put the ring in that drawer he had pointed to for me to find and that I had already checked in for a brush. :)

We cried for a while then he told me the story about what he had to do because he had forgotten he was carrying the ring in a little bag in his pocket and freaked out when going through aiport security. He thought the alarm would go off and I would find out. Nope, never even crossed my mind. At another point when we were already in the hotel room, he said he was so nervous he took the bag out of his pocket and was playing with it right in front of me. Never noticed! Since I was not expecting it, I was oblivious to it all.

He also said that he had asked my dad for my hand a couple of weeks before and that's when I lost it. You see, that had always been so important to me. It's a tradition in my dad's culture and regardless of that, having his approval and having Jack go and ask for his approval meant the world to me, and the fact that he knew that and made it happen meant even more to me. This man couldn't be more amazing.

We immediately went out to celebrate, I mean, we were in Vegas! That trip couldn't have been more perfect. Now back to the party.

The reception was fun, relaxing and beautiful. Our first dance was to the Everly Brothers' "Let It Be Me" a beautiful song that our guitarist played and sang for us. My dad hired belly dancers and they put on an awesome show. My family and friends were there, I was with my husband. It was perfect. The things I stressed out about during the wedding planning seemed petty and I almost kicked myself for even stressing out so much in the first place. Everything magically fell into place that day and nothing mattered but Jack and I, it was our night. Drinks were flowing, people were dancing, and everyone was enjoying the beautiful night.

The night ended with "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas and it was indeed a good night. :)

Happy four year anniversary to us! :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

A Love Story.

I was sitting in my first ever design class in college after Winter break had ended seven and a half years ago. I was twenty-two. I had no idea what to expect. It had been a crazy break. I was working part time at my dad's restaurant and going out every weekend with my friends. College life was good! I was a little heart broken after dating a guy who in turn was dating other girls at the same time he was dating me and that ended pretty quickly. At the beginning of the new semester and my first design class, men were the last thing on my mind. I was ready to go into my major with full force and so excited about what was to come. I had no idea that this would be the semester I would meet my future husband.

He walked into class wearing a green shirt and sweatpants and I thought, who is this guy? I was intrigued. He sat at the table in front of me with his back towards me and every time he turned around I would get butterflies.

When we had critiques on our designs, I noticed he was pretty darn good at what he did. He had some pretty good ideas. He also seemed kind. He wasn't one to brag and seemed really down to earth and humble. Something in me wanted to know him more.

I joked with my friends that I needed to meet his guy and one of them told me, why don't you just ask him to breakfast after class or something? Was he crazy? I couldn't do that! But I really, really wanted to. Every time class ended and I saw him walking towards the parking lot my heart raced. My friends made fun of me and kept telling me to just talk to him. I just couldn't!

It was April and the semester was rearing its end. I needed to get to know this guy. I felt it. My heart was telling me I would be friends with him and maybe it could turn into something else. In one of the classes, I sat next to him while sketching ideas. We started talking! He was kind of shy but so sweet. We talked for a bit and that was it. I'll admit I was bummed! The next class would be a new day.

He then sat next to me in the computer lab. I was thrilled! Again, my heart was racing and jumping for joy it could have come right out of my chest! We talked a bit more but once again, that was it! Was this guy ever going to ask me out? Ask for my number? There wasn't much more time left!

One day I decided I would use my birthday as an excuse. I was getting together with some friends at a bar and I wanted, I needed to invite him. I went over to a friend that sat across from him and started talking about my birthday and how I wanted my friends to go. I mustered up the courage and went to him and gave him my number! We exchanged numbers and that same day (I don't know what got into me!) I texted him to ask him if this was his number. So lame but I needed an excuse! He texted me back and after a couple of texts, he asked if he could call me. Holy shit! Yes! Of course you can! That's not how I answered, I tried to sound relaxed and said, yes. :) I was so nervous!

We talked for about two hours about anything and everything. It seemed like we had known each other for years! Turns out our values and morals were so much alike and I loved that. We talked about college, our lives, our families. He never made it to my birthday but he called to tell me he couldn't make it. The day of my birthday we had class, when I got there, he turned around to look at me and mouthed "happy birthday". I almost melted into my chair. We were inseparable after that. The semester ended and we hung out almost every day. It turns out he liked me from the beginning too but he was so shy! I don't regret making the first move one bit. :)

Things were not perfect. We had a lot of differences we had to work on. Our hearts were in the right place but our minds were crashing! It wasn't entirely a fairy tale, but who's relationship is? After a couple of years we struggled but we made it work. That second year we got engaged and a year after that we got married. Two years after that we welcomed a beautiful boy into our world!

This Thursday is our four year anniversary. Four years may not seem like a long time, and it's really not, but I feel like in these four years I've grown as a person more than ever. We are a strong couple. We get through obstacles together and we still clash and fight but it doesn't mean we love each other any less or that we will give up. It means that we have another thing to learn from each other and we compromise, we get through it. We are better people and we bring out the best in each other. We have learned that we make mistakes and to apologize when we are wrong even if our pride wants to get the best of us sometimes. We say I love you every single day even if we are mad at each other and do not go a day without texting "have a good day at work". It's the little things that really matter to us.

I cannot wait to see what this life has in store for us! Sharing this life with my husband is more than a blessing. I love him more than he will ever know.

Have a great week friends!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Weekend.

The past couple of weeks have been so gloomy and rainy it almost makes me miss the Summer sunny days. Almost. I definitely don't miss the Texas heat! I love that it's September and our anniversary month!

This weekend was rainy as well except for Saturday afternoon which was perfect. We put Elliot to bed and played some Wheel of Fortune! We never miss it on the weekdays and playing it on the Wii is so much fun. We were laughing so hard that we woke Elliot up again (and he sat there and pointed at the TV then finally fell back asleep). Then this grandma fell asleep too.

Saturday mornings have been starting with Starbucks lately. Jack needs his morning coffee so after Elliot's breakfast off we went. Have you tried their spinach squares? They're so good! Plus the weather was so beautiful and a little chilly. Perfect for hot coffee.

Off to the park we went for some morning playtime.

I wiiiiin! He wanted to go on the monkey bars but wouldn't hold on to them. He just loved having daddy hold him up to them.

This picture melts my heart.

Saturday I attended my friend's bridal shower! She's getting married soon and I couldn't be happier for her. Her hubby-to-be is a college friend as well and she was one of my bridesmaids. I can't wait for the wedding! We had beautiful weather, sipped on mimosas, played games and ate good food. Her decorations were beautiful and I expected no less, I can only imagine what her wedding will look like. :) 

That night was margarita night for us, when I say us I mean me. :) Jack stuck to his beer. We're definitely no alcoholics but hell yes we need a drink or two on the weekends to relax.

Sunday morning my mom invited us to her house for breakfast. She made the best pozole in the history of pozole. We ate and chatted for a while then Jack and I rushed to the grocery store while Elliot stayed with grandma, my sis and niece. He loves being there! We got back and he was jumping around and not letting go of my sister. I love seeing that.

After it was almost time to leave, my mom and I went pomegranate and apple picking in her backyard before the birds got to them. We got two bagfuls! I took these home. Aside from looking beautiful they are so good! I can't wait to get some figs from her!

When my parents first built their house (and my dad was around) he wanted a home full of homegrown fruits and veggies. It was the absolute best. We had tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, chilies, you name it. A grape vine, peaches, pomegranates, apples, figs, apricots are some of the trees he planted in the backyard. In the front yard, he planted olive trees. Every harvest season, we would pick all the olives and he would pickle them in the most delicious way. Well there are still some jars left in the garage and we took a huge one home. Let's just say at the pace we are eating them, they won't last very long. We'll be back for more mom! :)

I hope you're enjoying (and getting) this beautiful Fall weather! Already looking forward to the weekend!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Little Sponge.

I can't say that my life has been crazy busy lately, I just haven't had the energy to write! I'm not sure why.

I can say, however, that I'm excited for September! It is our anniversary month and we are excited to celebrate.

I completely missed Elliot's nineteen month post and I'm kicking myself for it but I will probably include it in his twenty month one ;)

I'll also say this- it's insane to me how much he has been learning from eighteen months on. I would see other blog or Instagram posts on other mamas and how their kids are basically already ready for college. Kidding, but I felt kind of behind with Elliot! Then in just a few short weeks he has been surprising us immensely.

I always say it's the little things and it truly is. They make you feel so good as a parent and so proud! I've been talking about him learning Spanish since he was born and I wasn't so sure he was catching on. Just yesterday we were making dinner and he was running around all over the place, as usual, then he came to me and asked me for a "cracka". I handed him one and he looks up at me and says "gracias". I was shocked! He then started saying that every time I gave him something. Mind. Blown. He also says "agua" when he wants water and understands what I tell him in Spanish. Who would have thought! I was completely underestimating my own kid and he proved me wrong.

He also started reciting back what I read him which I absolutely love. I will be reading him Oh Baby! Go Baby! and on the second page he knows to say "baby go!" where it says "oh baby the places you'll go!". He's such a little sponge!

Organizing is also his thing. Just like his daddy. He will stack tupperware, lay out paper plates and cups neatly and sit there and play on his own. We love seeing what an independent little boy he's becoming!

Sometimes as mamas we are so hard on ourselves! I know I look at all these other babies that are so advanced, but I need to sit down and realize that Elliot will get there! He surprises us so so much. I love seeing what he comes up with everyday. Those little things are what fill my heart with joy and make me feel complete. I know Jack feels the same way. Being parents rocks!!

I love this link-up from Ashley over at Words About Waverly. It's all about the little things that matter in life! Have a great Wednesday! :)

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