Monday, April 29, 2013


Well, the weekend came and went like a bag of Doritos when you haven't had anything to eat all day (Doritos are our favorite!) but what can you do. Another work week ahead! Woohoo! Not. Our weekend wasn't too crazy. Did some Friday shopping for some onesies I'm designing for Elliot, attended my niece's birthday party, had a delicious breakfast with my family, did some more shopping for Elliot, relaxed, then hung out with family some more. (Throw a few loads of laundry, a couple of beers and movie somewhere in there). Although it was a little busy, it was relaxing nonetheless. So our little button's story is only beginning so I have to start, well, from the very beginning.

When we got married, we knew we would want to start trying to get pregnant one to two years after. We needed to enjoy our marriage and save up a shit load of money to eventually buy a house. We were so broke from the wedding since we both had part-time shitty-paying jobs and we just needed to figure out our lives. Where we were going, what we were doing and HOW we were doing it. The first year was awesome, we landed amazing jobs, started our savings, and drank a whole lot of beer. We would go out every single Friday night and we loved it! But, we knew that something was missing. The going out days were getting a little old. That's when we decided we would start trying. A couple of months went by and nothing...I called my doc and complained that nothing was happening and he reassuringly told me it would, the average woman takes about a year to get pregnant, a whooooole year. Then one Thursday, just a few days after my call, I started getting cramps and I thought ok, the monthly visit is here, but these cramps felt different. I'm not sure how to explain it but something inside me had a feeling and I needed to know what to do. I called my doctor (again) since I was going to be traveling that Sunday for work. He told me I should probably get a pregnancy test and I got so nervous, I mean if he was telling me to get a pregnancy test then it had to be official (lol)! So after work on Friday, Jack I went to get a couple of boxes of pregnancy tests (we wanted to be sure!) since we had taken some before when I had thought I was expecting only to be disappointed by getting the "not pregnant" or only one pink line on the test, but this time for some reason I just had a feeling that it would be positive.

Once we had the tests and got home, Jack decided to go workout. The anticipation was killing me!! Even though I had this feeling, I still kept telling myself "if it's not positive don't worry, it will happen soon" so with Jack at the gym I decided to open one of the boxes (rip open sounds more like it) and headed for the restroom (a mere 5 steps away from the living room in our 500sqft apartment). I took out the pee stick and to town I went. The instructions say wait for 2-3 minutes right? Well I didn't have to wait ten seconds when the second pink line appeared. I was VERY pregnant. So pregnant I started jumping of excitement and quickly stopped because I was scared something would happen to the baby (I know I know). So naturally, the first thing I had to do was vacuum the entire apartment. That's what you do isn't it? I was so anxious and excited to tell Jack that I had to calm myself down somehow, so I resorted to cleaning. Well time wasn't going by fast enough after I was done so I just decided to text Jack to get him to come home. I told him I wasn't feeling well and he needed to take me to the doctor immediately, lame, but it worked! He said he would be on his way, so I had to scramble to find a way to make it special for him since I hadn't had the patience to wait for him to get home to take the test in the first place. I found a box and (magically) some pink and blue tissue paper so as corny as it sounds I put both colors in the box with the pee-filled test in it, placed it on the table and sat and waited as patiently as I could.

I heard him coming up the stairs and the excitement and anxiousness returned. I couldn't wait for him to find out we were having a little, tiny baby! He came in and I was lying on the couch (I had to pretend I didn't feel well) and he asked me what was wrong. I then said a package had arrived (literally in my mind) and that it was on the table. Hesitant, he went over and saw the box, he opened it slowly as if something was going to jump out at him and saw the test. I was grinning from ear to ear and he just looked at me a little confused. I yelled "we are having a baby" and the water works began. We sat on the couch, shed a few tears and then just sat there some more. We couldn't believe it! We were going to be parents! It was the most amazing, frightening, exciting feeling in the world. In a few months we would be holding a baby of our own. We texted, we called, we cried some more and then the entire family knew. Everyone was so excited!

there were more!

We had a good 36 hours to celebrate then I would be gone on a trip for work for the whole week. Yup, fun times when the morning sickness kicks in every morning, day and night for the entire week (who the hell called it "morning" sickness??), you're away from your hubby and there's nothing more you would want than to be home in your own bed and puking in your own bathroom.

Anyway, that's how it all began. I scheduled my appointment for the following week while on my trip and I couldn't wait to see what the doctor had to say. Turns out I was about six weeks pregnant and didn't have a clue up until the test. None. We got to hear the heartbeat and man was that a great feeling. My baby was doing great.


The first three months were gruesome. Talk about morning and evening sickness, not being able to eat much and going to the store was a trip I found unnecessary. Work was tough, but after the three months I pretty much went back to normal aside from the huge belly I was growing. I began documenting my pregnancy after a picture a friend of mine tagged me on from Pinterest and loved the idea! Here are some of them:

I can't believe I got so big!

Then the most exciting news were about to arrive. We were having a boy!! I was beyond excited at this point, I couldn't wait to buy him stuff and come up with a design for the nursery fast enough.

The rest of my pregnancy went really well, aside from all the weight I gained,I was hungry ALL the time, really, ALL the time, I cannot complain. I had energy, I still went home and cooked, cleaned, and even house hunted all summer in one-hundred degree weather. Of course towards the end my back was killing me and I needed this baby to come out. So then we finally found our house! The house hunting had ended, so had my back and feet, but at least one thing on the list was done. Regardless of having a semi-normal pregnancy, I have to say, it is no joke.

Friday, April 26, 2013


Hi all! Well I am new to this thing but I have so much to say I needed to get started someday. My name is Shadia Brown. I just turned 29 today actually and honestly this birthday was kind of like not important to me anymore. I think from now on, I'll be turning 29 every year (that's possible right?) but seriously, I think I got depressed just thinking about this day. Next year I'll be thirty and going into a whole new phase of my life. I have been married for two years and a half to an amazing man by the name of Jack and we have a three month old baby boy named Elliot, but we call him button hence my blog name. He is the most amazing little thing that has ever happened to us and we couldn't be happier to have such a wonderful little baby.

Jack and I met almost 6 years ago in college. We were in the same design class and didn't speak to each other the whole semester until the end! But hey, after that we were together for 2 years, engaged for one then we got married.

my little monkey!

 I am a graphic designer turned training representative for a really great company that creates jobs for people with disabilities and I.Love.It. It's possibly the best job I've ever had. I mean don't get me wrong, design really is my biggest passion, but helping people could very well be what I was brought into this world for.
So, as I said, today is my birthday and I really didn't care much for it. Where did time go?? I know 29 is still young but you go through those stages where you think you're really old turning 21 then all of a sudden you're 29 and think wow THAT'S old because it sneaks up on you like no other. Today is also a big day for me because it was little button's first day in daycare since family has been watching him for the past two weeks and today they couldn't watch him so off to daycare we went! He did so good and I felt so comfortable leaving him there. I wish I weren't a working mom and were able to stay with my little guy, but it's impossible when you need a million things done to your brand new home (totally not new and in need of a lot of repairs but new to us!), need a new car, have to buy a shit load of baby stuff, etc. so here I am as a working parent. I just got back to work two weeks ago from my awesome 12-week maternity leave that I wish would've never ended! I loooved being with Elliot everyday ALL day then having my husband come home to a home cooked dinner every night! Not that that has changed but the meals are simpler and easier since I get home, still have to pick up around the house, do laundry, take care of a baby and make dinner. I guess things aren't perfect and it had to end someday and man was it hard. The last week of it I got anxiety, couldn't sleep and couldn't stop thinking about how little my baby was (or still is) and how I would have to leave him everyday for a whole eight hours to go to work. The weekend before? Forget it, I was a big mess, Sunday I cried and cried, Monday I cried, Tuesday I cried, and so on...I couldn't have been able to get through it without my husband, my family and friends. They are the best, really, the best in the whole world especially my mom. She's the sweetest, most loving and caring mother a daughter could ever ask for and she loves her grandson to death! Then the second week came and somehow things get a little better, I say somehow cause I thought how can leaving my son ever get ANY better? I felt guilty and horrible for it but it really does get better. The best advice I got from friends is to think about what I am doing for my baby, I'm providing for him so that he can have everything he needs and that helped so much.
Anyway, I always, always, always wanted to start a blog but I chickened out cause I thought, who the hell will want to read anything I have to say? (write in this case) but here goes it and I hope you enjoy my posts! If you have any comments, suggestions, anything really please let me know!! Thank you!!

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