Thursday, October 23, 2014

Quiet Time.

First of all, let me say that this morning I heard on the radio on my way to work that my city is the 25th worst city to be in if a zombie apocalypse were to happen. Apparently, we don't have enough hardware stores to get weapons from and with the traffic we have we would pretty much be stuck and would be attacked by the zombies in no time. Jack and I already swore we will be purchasing more tools to prepare for an event like this. We have a plan of attack and everything. I'm sort of kidding but not really. I'll be contacting Rick & Carol (since she's a complete badass) to come help us out. ;)

Okay now that this is out of the way (whew!) I'll start by saying that it's been very quiet over here with us. Well, not entirely so but we just have been living life staying afloat enjoying the moment.

Have you ever sat down and realized how loud our lives can get? Like literally loud as in noise coming from everywhere at any given time. You're driving and the noise of the cars is insane, then you're at a red light and the car behind you is blasting their music because they think everybody and their mother needs to listen to that same song and suddenly you realize that your own radio is kind of loud too. There's a screaming baby (or babies) in their car seats waiting to get out of them and you think, can I just have some quiet time?

I think sometimes we don't realize it! It happens at home too. I've found myself playing with Elliot while the TV is on and I'm occasionally glancing at Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune. Has that happened to you? Probably, right? I literally realized this just a few days ago as I was driving home with Elliot and he was asleep. I had turned the radio off because I was on the phone with Jack (hands free people) and when I hung up I forgot to turn the radio on. By the time I noticed, I thought how nice it felt to be in the quiet. Granted I was driving, but there wasn't a lot of traffic, it was early in the day and it felt so nice to hear the quietness. Oxymoron I know but truly it was relaxing. I left it off the rest of the way and when we got home I didn't turn anything on. Elliot wanted to play and we played. Usually we have some music going on or the TV on and this time I left everything off. I loved it. I gave Elliot my full attention and of course he loved it too. Shutting everything off and being in the moment is so good for them and us as well.

Sometimes we just have to turn the world off for a little bit, literally, and enjoy some quiet time. I plan on doing that a lot more. Lately, Jack and I have been so busy that our quiet time at night has been cut short, sometimes we don't even get that time because we are out as soon as our heads hit the pillow. Our lives are so full of noise and a lot is always happening, we hear it every single place we go everyday.

The same happened to my writing. I needed to get away for a bit, recoup and get back to it. So here I am!

We are excited for the weekend because we have some Halloween festivities going on and I know I cannot wait to dress Elliot up in his costume. He will get to wear it three times this year and I'm loving the thought of that.

For now, how about an outtake for a throwback Thursday last year at around this time! Elliot clearly quite enjoyed it. ;)

Happy Thursday! :) Also, enjoy some quiet time! 

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