Friday, March 24, 2017

Bath Time With Baby

Bath time is easily one of my favorite things to do with both of my kids. Elliot is four now and all about showers, so baths aren't as often as they used to be, or as he would like them to be otherwise he would be in there for hours. Now with Oliver, it takes me back to all the reasons I love giving my kids baths. Their little feet kicking in the water (and accidentally kicking the plug out getting water everywhere), the look of relaxation on their little faces and just the feeling of a clean baby. 

With both, using products on their skin that are safe and natural has always been a priority. Elliot had eczema as a baby and we always had to find gentle products for him. I just assumed the same would be the case for Oliver and we used the same with him. I don't think that his skin is as sensitive as Elliot's but using gentle products on their skin is a must.

When I found Grace Mabel's products, I was so excited to find a company that understands my needs! I received the Cuddle Collection Pack. It includes the Tender Tulip Shampoo & Baby Wash, Tender Tulip Baby Cream, Delicate Mint Cuddle Rub, so good! I also received the Lavender Lotion Bar. First, they're completely natural and plant based, this alone made me love them right away. They are so gentle on Oliver's skin.

I fell in love with the Lavender Lotion Bar, it smells amazing and it's so smooth on the skin, plus lavender oil is a favorite in our home I even add a drop of it in Oliver's bath. The bar is heart shaped and comes in a little tin container, perfect as a gift for a new mama!

The packaging is so pretty and that caught my eye. They are also made in the USA and they contain ZERO harsh chemicals. They're gluten, soy, dairy and nut free which makes them perfect for any skin type. Also checkout their Mini Cuddle Pack perfect for traveling or for nights when they stay with grandma, you don't have to worry about packing big bottles or pouring them into little containers. ;)

I was sent these products by Grace Mabel but all opinions expressed are always my own.

Thank you all for reading!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Diaper Rash Nightmare

To say that we have had our fair share of hectic days would be an understatement. From me going back to work a couple of months ago, lots of changes, and Oliver and Elliot getting sick it has been insanity. Add our water heater breaking down and being without hot water to the list and you get Jack and I running like chickens with our heads cut off. Maybe a little dramatic but in addition to everything going on, it just seemed like we had a black cloud hanging over our heads that was overstaying its welcome.

I believed we were getting past that and getting back into the swing of things. Then last Friday, Oliver came home with the worst diaper rash I've seen. Raw skin, really red and he would scream after every diaper change. Poor baby I felt so bad for him!

The good thing is that I know I am using the best products out there for him. Elliot had really sensitive skin as a baby, he had eczema and everything gave him rashes. I didn't want to take any chances with Oliver, and I used the same products with him since he was born, thank goodness I haven't had any problems with his skin. One of the products I have been using with Oliver are the Bloom Baby Wipes. You can also find them at Target and Amazon. They are 98% natural ingredients, for sensitive skin and safe for rash and eczema prone skin. Basically the perfect wipes for babies. I have no worries about any chemicals in them and I feel at peace knowing that my baby's skin is safe. They are thick and the packaging is perfect for on the go. They're also so big and you only need a few even after the worse messes and we all know that dirty baby diapers are no joke! I'm also one of those moms who changes their kids on the bed. #sorrynotsorry

The diaper rash is gone and my baby is back to his normal self. Now if we could say the same for these hectic days, that would be great right? ;)

I was sent these products by Bloom Baby but all opinions expressed are always my own.
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