Monday, May 8, 2017


Summer is here! Maybe not officially, but with temperatures reaching 90 degrees already, outdoor fun is a must. This year we have sworn that we will be spending a lot of time in our backyard and doing fun outdoor activities. Yesterday was our first day and we loved it!

We got this pool for them a while ago and have been waiting for hotter weather to use it. It was a little windy and I only put Oliver in it for a little while and Elliot didn't last very long once he got completely soaked but it's such a fun pool! Once we are in the hundred's it will be perfect. The sun here is pretty strong though and protecting my kids is a must. I received these swim shorts and shirts from SwimZip and I love them! The prints are really nice and the quality is so good. They are so soft and protect my kids from harmful UV rays. My mind is at peace! 

We cannot wait to make popsicles, have water balloon fights, sprinkler runs and lots more pool fun! What fun Summer activities do you have planned?

Have a great week! 

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