About Me

Hey guys! I'm Shadia. I'm mama to a little boy named Elliot, he's almost two, and wife to Jack.

Jack and I have been married for four years. We met in college in our very first graphic design class. He was shy and I immediately knew something was going to happen between us, I felt it. At the end of the semester we were barely talking but I took the bull by the horns and asked for his number! We talked on the phone for hours, it's like we had known each other forever, and the rest is history. Here we are seven years later, married with an amazing little boy.

Elliot on the other hand is a feisty kid but also so loving! Reaching almost two he's definitely going through the terrible twos phase and I'm sure we are in for it but we love every minute of it!

I'm a working mama trying to stay afloat, I post about our lives, healthy cooking that takes 30 minutes or less (a running toddler makes it hard!) and lots of pictures of my little family.

This blog is where I document it all and the friendships with other mamas I have made through here is what keeps me going! I love you all!

I hope you enjoy reading. :)

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