Monday, May 22, 2017


If you saw my post on Instagram, you saw this margarita that I made on Saturday. I have been using the same recipe for years with the addition of one ingredient recently that honestly takes it to the next level, for me at least.

What I like about this recipe is that on the rocks or frozen, it tastes good no matter what and it is also fool proof! Margarita's are pretty much the only mixed drink I like as I like salty an spicy over sweet any day. Enjoy!


1 shot of tequila- I like Hornitos Plata (clear tequila) but find the one you like and use that one. Makes 2 margaritas.

Triple Sec- Add this to your taste

Lime juice- I use one big lime for this and also to salt the rim of my glasses. You can use lemon but the acidity of lime is stronger, goes better with margaritas in my opinion.

Salt- just a pinch.

A splash of orange juice- I know this part sounds weird but trust me, you'll love it.

The secret ingredient is club soda or mineral water, whatever you want to call it! A splash of this makes the margarita just a tad carbonated and it is amazing. I use Topo Chico, a Mexican brand and the best when it comes to a fully carbonated club soda. The other brands truly don't compare.

Mix everything in a shaker with ice and pour in glass. I had to use a glass from Mexico which I'm in love with! And well, makes the margarita taste so good. ;)

Also, I was out of Tajin but I absolutely love this on the rim of my glass! Mix this with the salt and 
your drink will look prettier and taste better. 

Make this for a holiday, a cookout with friends, or when it's so hot outside and you need something to take you to a cooler, better place. Like the beach, or the pool! Think Summertime!

If you try this, please let me know how you liked it!! :) Have a fantastic week! 

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